Customer FAQ

  • 1 - What is Vu Sur Market ?

    Vu Sur Market is the solution for any Cameroonian wishing to consume products 100% made in Cameroon. It is the showcase of choice to learn about the talents and know-how of Cameroonians.

  • 2 - How to creat my account on Vu Sur Market ?

    To create an account, go to 'Login / Registration' and fill in the fields required to create your account. You can also connect via Facebook by clicking on registration by Facebook.

  • 3 - How can I pay for my order ?

    Vu Sur Market offers several payment options. Choose the one that suits you best. You will then receive an email and SMS confirming the consideration of your payment.

       i - Express Union

            You can pay for your order by deposit or transfer to our EU Mobile Money account at 680 180 068.

ii - Orange Money

You can pay for your order by deposit or transfer to our Orange Money account at 693 422 911.

iii - MTN Mobile Money

You can pay for your order by deposit or transfer to our MTN Mobile Money account at 680 180 068.

iv - Payment at an ETS CHARLY Agency

You can make the payment of your order by payment at an agency Ets Charly. Below is the list of agencies :

- Yaounde

ETS CHARLY BIYEM ASSI (Crossroad Biyem Assi, Opposite Prestige Hôtel)

ETS CHARLY TSINGA (Opposite old Mairie Tsinga)


v - Payment at a Free Cash Agency

You can make the payment of your order by payment at a Free Cash agency. Below is the list of agencies :

- Yaounde 

FREECASH NLONGKAK (Building school les fleurettes)

FREECASH ROND-POINT EXPRESS (Opposite Oilybia filling station)

FREECASH TSINGA (Opposite old Mairie Tsinga)

- Douala


- Bafoussam

FREECASH BAFOUSSAM (Near hotel Continental)

vi - Bank wire

You can pay for your order by bank transfer / cash deposit in our Ecobank account: IBAN = 10029 26010 02226207001 05

  • 4 - Do I need an account to order on Vu Sur Market ?

    Yes, you need to have an account to order on Vu Sur Market. But do not worry, you can create your Vu Sur Market account in less than a minute.

  • 5 - When am-I delivered ?

    Delivery times vary depending on your city of residence. Of course following your order, we will send you notifications by email and SMS detailing when exactly you will be delivered.

  • 6 - How much does delivery cost ?

    Delivery costs are calculated according to various factors including the city of delivery and the weight of the products.

  • 7 - Where do I get my product ?

    Your product will be deposited by our carrier in the relay point of your choice. Click here to see the list of relay points made available to us by our logistics partner AfriRelay. All you have to do is choose the relay point closest to your home or workplace. When the time comes, if you are not available to collect your parcel, you can send us an email designating a person to whom you give power of attorney for the withdrawal of your parcels.

  • 8 - What should I present at the relay point to receive my product ?

    To pick up your parcel, you must go to the relay point with an ID (CNI, Passport or driver's license).

  • 9 - My order has been canceled, how will I be refunded ?

    In the event of cancellation of your order, you will be reimbursed by means that you will choose, and this in due time.

  • 10 - How do I return a product ?

    Returns are only made in case of non-compliance of the item received. The verification must be done in relay point in the presence of the operator of the point. Thus, in case of nonconformity and desire to return, it will be necessary to signify it directly to the relay point operator and leave the parcel there.

  • 11 - How can I offer a product to a loved one ?
  • To offer an item and send it directly to a loved one, simply specify at the time of the order, the city and relay point of the recipient of the gift in the field 'Delivery address'.

  • 12 - How to contact customer service ?
  • The customer service of Vu Sur Market is reachable and answers all your questions from Monday to Friday from 8h to 18h, and Saturday from 9h to 17h. You can contact us by :
  • - Phone 693 422 911
  • WhatsApp 693 422 911
  • mail throught

  • 13 - Are there any hidden or additional fees if I order on Vu Sur Market ?
  • Vu Sur Market rhymes with transparency. There are no hidden or additional fees when you order at Vu Sur Market. All costs are 100% visible and verifiable at the end of the ordering process.


  • 1 - What is Vu Sur Market ?

    Vu Sur Market is a platform that was created with the aim of promoting Made in Cameroon. Craftsmen, sellers, we allow you to put on sale your products and to propose them to the Cameroonian consumers on the site

  • 2 - How to become a seller ?

    To be part of the great family of sellers Vu Sur Market is very simple. Contact us by filling in the membership form, we will immediately contact you in order to initiate the procedure.

  • 3 - What products can I sell on Vu Sur Market ?

    You can sell any kind of products on Vu Sur Market but we put a particular emphasis on the made in Cameroon according to the categories: fashion, accessories, food products, beauty products, drinks, fresh food, childcare and several other categories.

  • 4 - What types of products I cannot sell on Vu Sur Market ?

    It is not within the scope of Vu Sur Market's services to sell products on its site that are deemed to be illegal, the substance of which can be translated as follows :

  • • Perishable biological materials, infectious or non-infectious. Organs and human remains ;

  • • Narcotics and psychotropic substances ;

  • • Obscene or immoral objects ;

  • • Counterfeit goods ;

  • • Live animals (except specific conditions) ;

  • • Dead animals ;

  • • Explosive material (including inert or dummy ammunition), flammable (alcohols, perfumes) radioactive or corrosive ;

  • • Dangerous substances such as compressed gas or any object containing gas or compressed or liquid air (aerosol products, lifeboats, fire extinguishers, etc ...) ;

  • • Products of a military character or which may endanger the integrity of the national territory (weapons, explosives, etc.) ;

  • • Cultural properties having a major interest for the national heritage ;

  • • Weapons, drugs, tobacco, asbestos, strategic goods that can be used for civilian or military purposes or products derived from animal or plant species protected by the Washington Convention.

  • The Vu Sur Market team reserves the right to decide whether or not to sell articles on its site.

  • 5 - How do I put my products on sale on Vu Sur Market ?

    To sell your products on our market place, you must provide us with the catalog of your products (images, price, quantity and characteristics). If you do not have good quality images for your products, you will have to inform us so that we organize a shooting session for your products.

  • 6 - How much does selling on Vu Sur Market cost ?

    The sale of your products on the Vu Sur Market is free of charge. However, a commission rate will be charged after the sale of one of your products.

  • 7 - How do I manage orders ?

    When a customer places an order on one of your products, you are informed of the order, and you will have to process it within 24 hours, confirming the availability of the products.

  • 8 - How am-I paid ?

    Once the order is validated by the customer and the payment made, you will proceed to the delivery of the products through one of the 400 relay points of our partner AfriRelay distributed throughout the national territory. Vu Sur Market Market you will subsequently pay the amount due to you by the means you have chosen (do not forget to confirm the shipping of orders so that the amount due to you is paid).

  • 9 - How to handle a complaint ?

    Vu Sur Market strives to provide quality work. However, if you feel that you have been wronged in any way, please send your complaints by email to or by phone / Whatsapp at 693 422 911.

  • 10 - Why are customer ratings important ?

    Customers are strongly encouraged to leave ratings and comments after placing an order with partner vendors. This is the best way for buyers to know if you are worthy of their trust and encourage them to buy from you. The higher your rating, the more likely the customer is to buy from you. Your average weighted score by the number of sales on the Vu Sur Market site is one of the key statistics used on Vu Sur Market to evaluate your performance for both customers and our team.

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